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The business was started in 2014 while taking Microsoft Classes.  It was something I could fit into my class schedule and was enough to sustain me.  But when the Microsoft classes were coming to an end, I didn't want to leave my clients "high & dry" without a Housekeeper.   So I decided to make this a full time occupation.  After being a Personal Assistant/Caregiver FOR 11 YEARS for a good friend of mine who was losing mobility.  and having been a commercial janitor for a 6500 sq.ft. building and a shopping mall after that,   I decided to take my exceptional eye for cleaning into business for myself. Since then I've added Commercial Cleaning, and continued with Residential Cleaning in 3 forms:  Standard Cleanings, Deep Cleanings as well as Move Out/Move In Cleanings.  I've consistently been told BY CLIENTS that I take roughly 25% LESS time to clean their homes than previous housekeepers, at an affordable rate, with more thorough results.  

Try me -  you be the judge...


Flexible schedule, available weekdays or weekends.  Full Service Housekeeping: Vacuuming, appliance cleaning, mopping/waxing, dusting, offered in Standard Cleans, Deep Cleanings and Move In/Move Out Cleanings.   If you need it done, I do it!   Every house is different, as is every homeowner!  We create a "Personalized Cleaning Routine"  for every home, tailored to your needs! The Cleaning Checklist is a WORD document that I created.  I send that to the Client for them to add special instructions and details.  I then print that out and bring it to each cleaning  Serving the Greater Seattle area. Please call or email for more details.  Pricing and cleaning types are listed in the ONLINE STORE.  I'm fast, efficient and very thorough. 

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Exceptional customer service and 

100% Customer Satisfaction are the cornerstone of my business & career.  If I can't WOW you with my thoroughness, I'm not happy!

"Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!"