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Rob's Housekeeping Service

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No matter what your cleaning needS, 

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"Redefining Housekeeping Standards"

You take pride in your is a reflection of you & your tastes.  We are here to maintain that "tranquil sanctuary" for you with a Full Service,  Affordable Housekeeping Service.  I strongly recommend a Deep Cleaning for your Initial Cleaning and then Standard Cleans in the following months.  I hit on so much more areas in a Deep Cleaning and it brings your home to the elevated standards I demand of myself.  Deep Cleanings include things like Baseboards, Cupboards, Cobwebs,  Air Vents, Exhaust Hoods, window sills, etc.   Standard Cleanings do cover a lot of cleaning areas as well.  Deep Cleanings just get into those areas you seldom use or need to clean, except a few times a year.  Standard Clean Checklists & Deep Clean Checklist are available for your review and left with clients at each cleaning.  

Together we will design a "Personalized Cleaning Routine" that will ensure your home looks  exceptional day in and day out: "Just the way you like it".


Simplifying Highly Stressful Times

You have a ton of things on your mind:  Moving out of one home and into a new one that you have yet to get familiar with.  Getting one moved out and cleaned, and getting the other furnished like "home". You have to be out of one house and into the other by specific deadlines.  You want your deposits back and the next person moving in wants a clean house!  So pack up all your stuff and move it in to your new place.  Relax:  I'll come in behind you with an effective & efficient team of Cleaners to rejuvenate your old place to look like new again!  Every surface will be cleaned or polished, and any special instructions you give will be given our complete attention.  Together we'll make sure you get it all accomplished on time.  Ask for my Move Out Cleaning Checklist showing all of the cleaning areas I address in a Move Out Cleaning. 

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