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Rob's Housekeeping Service

"Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!"


What makes us different?  Why choose Rob's Housekeeping Service?

My Commitment to You

My specialty is getting fine homes into exceptionally clean condition and keeping them that way. Without the owners having to trouble themselves with such routine, domestic responsibilities. All the while with a promise to keep my rates affordable! I regularly "price shop" the competition and consult industry standard pricing.....and stay competitively priced.

I want an even larger population of Seattle to be able to “pamper” themselves with an affordable  Housekeeper.  Especially when their plate’s already full” with life’s commitments. Their days are long with things to do, while short on time & energy.  As an affordable Housekeeper,  I want to ease people’s burden where I can. Or you may have extra time here & there, but would you rather do another load of laundry or take the kids out for ice cream? Mop & Wax the kitchen floor, or take the dog on a walk to the park to throw tennis balls in “fetch”? 

And like one of my Clients, her list of things to do at the office makes her bring work home to complete. Having me come clean every 2 weeks allows her to do that without sacrificing the cleanliness of her home.(And she makes a lot more money doing accounting than she would vacuuming and mopping! 

"Let me take Housekeeping

off your plate".....

"100% Satisfaction Guaranteed"

Exceptional customer service and “100% Customer Satisfaction” are the cornerstone of my business and career. If I can't "WOW" you with my being swift & very thorough, I’m not happy!  A Housekeeper is a very personal role and one I take very seriously.  I look forward to developing a relationship of trust, respect and mutual appreciation for each other. As that relationship develops, I get to know how you like every aspect of your home setup, cleaned and organized.  And you come to rely on my fastidious attention to detail, excellent organization skills and my reliable work ethic. I'm very ambitious with extremely high goals & standards for myself.  

I like to be an expert at anything I do. I refuse to be 2nd anything!  I use effective, high quality brand named products that are specifically designed for the type cleaning I’m doing. Products that will get your home remarkably clean, fresh & brilliantly shiny. Products I’ve come to appreciate and rely on.

I offer a "100% Guaranteed Satisfaction"  Policy If for some reason you're not completely happy, I'll come back within 48 hours and clean those areas again.  If you're STILL not happy, I'll refund your money.

    "Where Exceptional Service & Affordability Meet!"